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Na Twitterze popularność zyskuje tag #FiveWordTechHorrors. Polecamy obserwację, ponieważ wiele z propozycji odnosi się do bezpieczeństwa. Nasze ulubione do tej pory to:

  1. We wrote our own encryption
  2. We can add security later
  3. Just test it on production
  4. It’s only a temporary fix
  5. No permissions? Just chmod 777
  6. I think it’s backed up
  7. Three billion devices run Java
  8. I thought *you* made backups
  9. Off by one error
  10. Article request from Hakin9 magazine
  11. It’s only a development server
  12. Password cannot contain special characters
  13. Let’s MD5 all the passwords
  14. New Adobe Flash update available
  15. Install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in
  16. You must login to unsubscribe
  17. Fixed it with global variables
  18. Click here to download RealPlayer
  19. Pay the ransom, they’ll stop
  20. We use our own framework
  21. The CEO has some suggestions
  22. We’re secure, we have antivirus
  23. Password max length eight characters
  24. The developers have root access
  25. MD5 is broken, use SHA3
  26. We have an application firewall
  27. Event logs? What event logs?
  28. When was your last backup?
Let's sharepoint all the things

Let’s sharepoint all the things