„Szansa, że nas złapią, jest niewiarygodnie mała”

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„Szansa, że nas złapią, jest niewiarygodnie mała”

W trwającym własnie procesie Rossa Ulbrichta odczytano wczoraj obszerne fragmenty jego pamiętnika. Założyciel Silk Road równie dobrze mógł od razu napisać akt oskarżenia. W świetle ujawnionych materiałów trudno sobie wyobrazić niski wyrok.

W trakcie procesu okazało się, że na dysku był nie tylko pamiętnik, ale także lata logów TorChatu. Z uwagi na obszerną treść opublikowanych cytatów poniżej znajdziecie tłumaczenia jedynie najlepszych fragmentów oraz treść wszystkich oryginalnych wpisów. Jeśli ktoś ma ochotę przetłumaczyć całość, to zapraszamy do współpracy.

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Wyobrażam sobie, że któregoś dnia ktoś napisze historię mojego życia i dobrze będzie wtedy mieć szczegółowy jego zapis.

Grudzień 2011

Cholera, wszyscy wiedzą za dużo.

Luty 2012

Programuję. Dziubię w PHP i MySQL. Nie wiem jak zarządzać własnym serwerem. Nie wiem jak działa bitcoind. Jakoś napisałem podstawowe fragmenty.

W rozmowie z jednym z moderatorów:

Nie wiem na 100% co się stanie. W przeszłości nie było takich przypadków jak nasz. Ale jeśli spojrzysz na szansę, że nas złapią, to jest niewiarygodnie mała. Postaw się na pozycji prokuratora który próbuje zbudować sprawę przeciwko Tobie. Jakimi dowodami dysponuje? Na Twoim laptopie nie ma niczego, co można użyć przeciwko Tobie. Jeśli odpowiednio ukryjesz bitcoiny, to nie da się ich wyśledzić. By cokolwiek  udowodnić musieliby patrzeć jak się logujesz do serwisu i pracujesz.

Tak oto Ross Ulbricht nieświadomie przepowiedział swoją przyszłość. Poniżej obiecana kolekcja oryginalnych cytatów.

Niezwykły talent Rossa Ulbrichta

Niezwykły talent Rossa Ulbrichta

Oryginalne fragmenty pamiętnika i czatów

Źródła: Ars Technica, Vice, Wired, Forbes, The Daily Dot.

Donny and I had worked on it the last quarter of 2009 and were trying to ramp up by hiring people to go door-to-door. It was a real struggle and by the end of our trial partnership, it was clear that we hadn’t grown the business to the point that it made sense for me to stay on… There I was, with nothing. My investment company came to nothing, my game company came to nothing, Good Wagon came to nothing, and then this.

I had to find a job quickly, so I turned to Craig’s List and found American Journal Experts. For the next six months, I edited scientific papers written by foreigners. It sucked. The hours were flexible, but it drained me. I hated working for someone else and trading my time for money with no investment in myself.

While all of this was happening, I began working on a project that had been in my mind for over a year. I was calling it Underground Brokers, but eventually settled on Silk Road. The idea was to create a website where people could buy anything anonymously, with no trail whatsoever that could lead back to them. I had been studying the technology for a while, but needed a business model and strategy. I finally decided that I would produce mushrooms so that I could list them on the site for cheap to get people interested. I worked my ass off setting up a lab in a cabin out near Bastrop off the grid. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea and I would never repeat it, but I did it and produced several kilos of high quality shrooms. On the website side, I was struggling to figure out on my own how to set it up. Driving out to Bastrop, working on Good Wagon, and trying to keep up my relationship with Julia was taking all of my time. By the end of the year, I still didn’t have a site up, let alone a server.

I went through a lot over the year in my personal relationships as well. I had mostly shut myself off from people because I felt ashamed of where my life was. I had left my promising career as a scientist to be an investment adviser and entrepreneur and came up empty handed. More and more my emotions and thoughts were ruling my life and my word was losing power. At some point I finally broke down and realized my love for people again, and started reaching out. Throughout the year I slowly re-cultivated my relationship with my word and started honoring it again.

My relationship with Julia was pretty rocky throughout the year. We even broke up for about a month and half toward the end. I couldn’t even tell you now why it was a struggle, or why we broke up. On my side, I wasn’t communicating well at all. I would let little things build up until I got mad. We eventually got back together and even moved in together, and it has been amazingly good since.

In 2011, I am creating a year of prosperity and power beyond what I have ever experienced before. Silk Road is going to become a phenomenon and at least one person will tell me about it, unknowing that I was its creator. Good Wagon Books will find its place and get to the point that it basically runs itself. Julia and I will be happy and living together. I have many friends I can count on who are powerful and connected.

Still working on good wagon books and Silk Road at the same time. Programming now. Patchwork php mysql. Don’t know how to host my own site. Didn’t know how to run bitcoind. Got the basics of my site written. Launched it on freedomhosting. Announced it on the bitcointalk forums. Only a few days after launch, I got my first signups, and then my first message. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. Little by little, people signed up, and vendors signed up, and then it happened. My first order. I’ll never forget it.

The next couple of months, I sold about 10 lbs of shrooms through my site. Some orders were as small as a gram, and others were in the qp range. Before long, I completely sold out. Looking back on it, I maybe should have raised my prices more and stretched it out, but at least now I was all digital, no physical risk anymore. Before long, traffic started to build. People were taking notice, smart, interested people. Hackers. For the first several months, I handled all of the transactions by hand…. Between answering messages, processing transactions, and updating the codebase to fix the constant security holes, I had very little time left in the day, and I had a girlfriend at this time!

[I]n addition to these stressors, Silk Road got its first press, the infamous Gawker article. When you look at the historical #s, you can see right when it happened. A huge spike in signups, and the beginning of an upward trend in commerce that would continue until the time of this writing, and hopefully for much longer…

Most interestingly, two US senators came out against the site and against bitcoin. They made a big deal out of it and called for a shutdown of the site. I started to get into a bad state of mind. I was mentally taxed, and now I felt extremely vulnerable and scared. The US govt, my main enemy was aware of me and some of it’s members were calling for my destruction. This is the biggest force wielding organization on the planet…

Most importantly, the market began it’s path to maturity. Vendors and buyers forged great relationships, more vendors came in to fill holes in the market, others competed and variety, customer service, and professionalism emerged. After making about $100k and up to a good $20-25k monthly, I decided it was time to bring in some hired guns to help me take the site to the next level.

Around this time, Variety Jones showed up. This was the biggest and strongest willed character I had met through the site thus far. He quickly proved to me that he had value by pointing out a major security hole in the site I was unaware of… He has advised me on many technical aspect of what we are doing, helped me speed up the site and squeeze more out of my current servers. He also has helped me better interact with the community around Silk Road, delivering proclamations, handling troublesome characters, running a sale, changing my name, devising rules, and on and on. He also helped me get my head straight regarding legal protection, cover stories, devising a will, finding a successor, and so on. He’s been a real mentor.
Chatted with VJ again today. Him coming onto the scene has re inspired me and given me direction on the SR project. He has helped me see a larger vision. A brand that people can come to trust and rally behind. Silk Road chat, Silk Road exchange, Silk Road credit union, Silk Road market, Silk Road everything! And it’s been amazing just talking to a guy who is so intelligent and in the same boat as me, to a certain degree at least. So, today we talked mostly about the exchange, what to charge, boundary conditions, etc.
Then I went for a surf with Billy Becket. Caught a couple of good waves, chatted with him took some wipe outs, and went in. Soon after, I ran around the city with Ashely and Kelly. We drank some beer, walked around the city and botanical gardens. I then went out with Jessica. Our conversation was somewhat deep. I felt compelled to reveal myself to her. It was terrible. I told her I have secrets. She already knows I work with bitcoin wich is also terrible. I’m so stupid. Everyone knows I am working on a bitcoin exchange. I always thought honesty was the best policy, and now I don’t know what to do. I should’ve just told everyone I am a freelance programmer or something, but I had to tell half truthes. It felt wrong to lie completely so I tried to tell the truth without revealing the bad part, but now I am in a jam. Everyone knows too much. Dammit.[./quote]
myself: this whole thing has been on a wing and a prayer. besides basic php and html, i've learned everything on the fly.

vj: just thank fsm

myself: fsm?

vj: $deity

myself: ahhh

myself: i've been incredibly blessed. i was a hair's breadth from going to jail before the site even launched.

myself: right now i’m spending an hour a day on resolutions and inigo (new guy) is dealing w/ messages

myself: i might try recruiting at bitcointalk.org

cimon: dude, really?

myself: well, working for a criminal enterprise isn’t exactly enticing

inigo: so uhhh we have a vendor selling cyanide

myself: link please

inigo: getting it now

inigo: not sure where we stand on this

inigo: fentanyl has been used to assassinate people too

myself: cyanide has a bad reputation

myself: there are plenty of legitimate uses

inigo: so we’re going to allow it?

myself: its bad for image/PR

myself: i think we’re going to allow it

myself: its a substance and we want to err on the side of not restricting things

inigo: this is the black market after all :)

myself: it is, and we are bringing order and civility to it

A jesli komuś mało, to polecamy pełną transkrypcję pierwszego dnia drugiego tygodnia oraz drugiego dnia drugiego tygodnia procesu.